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40 mb/s Line Now Installed

Our facility now has a 40 mb/s line for smooth uninterrupted gaming.



TIME: 10:00 TILL 21:00

We will be running a top up special on Tuesdays.

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The H.I.V.E is an Online gaming center situated in the heart of the entertainment and amusement hub at Montecasino. Designed for gaming enthusiast, by gaming enthusiasts, to create a fun, hi-tech, competitive and interactive environment using the latest PC and 3D equipment and access to a massive selection of the latest and greatest games available. Play online against thousands of people all over the world or bring your fellow gaming enthusiasts and play against each other with in the store , join a league or participate in one of our upcoming gaming competitions. If you're a gamer, The H.I.V.E is the place you need to be!


Please note that due to the violent nature, content and language of these games we are required by law to implement an age restriction of 16. Should you be younger than 16 years old and without a SA ID, a parent or guardian will be required to sign an indemnity form for you.

how it works


We have based our gaming system on a credit infrastructure, allowing you to simply fill in a form once to create your account, top up your account with air time every time you come into the store. You are welcome to use your left-over credit on another day should you not use it all, and you can always add to your credit in store.

CREDITS exceeded

You will be notified 10 minutes before you run out of credits by an alarm sound in your headphones. You are welcome to play on until all the credits are used up, which will simply end the game at that exact point and log you off the computer.



The H.I.V.E store has officially launched! Come check out our awesome gaming products, accessories and games.


40 mb/s Line
Tuesday Special
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